Hawaii Shorts International Film Festival
The Best Short Films From Around the World ~ Hawaii’s Filmmaker Showcase 
The 2016 Hawaii Shorts International Film Festival was held at the Hawaii Academy of Performing Arts (The Arts at Marks Garage) showcased 31 films from 26 countries, including the Lebanon, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Peru, Argentina, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China and USA.

Best Foreign Film 

The Hole (El Hueco) 
Director: German Tejada, Daniel Martin Rodriguez 
Producer: Lorena Ugarteche 

Best Drama 
The Deal 
Director: Daniel Kaminsky 
Producer: Joss Whedon, Michael Klei

Best Comedy

 Bernie and Rebecca  
Director: Melissa Kent 
Producer: Melissa Kent, Mary Pat Bentel 

Best Documentary 

Munich '72 and Beyond 
Director: Stephen Crisman 
Producer: David Ulich, Steven Ungerleider 

Best Animation 

Shadows: Saving the Rain Forest
Director/Producr: Isaac Kerlow 

Best Experimental 

Under The Wave 
Director: Denis Lagrange 
Producer: Stephane Martin 

 Best of Hawaii 
The Bridge
Director: Cindy Iodice 
Producer: Connie M. Florez, Kenneth Monroe 

Hawaii Shorts was created to showcase Hawaiian filmmakers on a global stage and international films to island locals.